I have been a little behind this month. My one handed typing is partially to blame- I hurt my back and hand on a project last month, and I am now hopefully heading towards recovery! So, I have one piece that I made for halloween, and one that I will not be able to finish in time for Turkey Day. My holiday series is a fun self propelled project I’ve been working on- so be expecting more holiday cheer and fantastical themes throughout the coming year.

This little Goblin was created from a pumpkin by the Great Headless Horseman! He is now the great HH’s right hand man and loyal henchman- He steals extra pumpkin heads and anything else that HH wants, and he is still dandy in the process.
Pumpkin Goblin

Next up, we have a first pass at the values of a new idea I have. I really wanted to finish this piece in time, but I am working for a full recovery in time for my next commission (deadline in January!!)
Definitely a long way to go, but at least you can begin imagining what it must have been like for the pilgrims to enter the new world that was teaming with Velosa-Turkeys. No wonder so many brave men and woman died that first year. Thank goodness, with the Native Americans help, Squanto including, they were able to bring the great beasts down. To this day, PETA memorializes the Turkey-Rex’s that were so brave in their fight.

Excited to continue this piece and maybe next year we will have a some more excited development in our Turkey Saga…