As you may be able to tell, I love the process of painting. I love seeing the process and having it explained to me. So, I wanted to include you all in “part way through” of my process. I am in the beginning of preparing for an upcoming show about Aruthurian Legend, so of course, my first subject is great Merlin. I especially love the T. H. White interpretation of the character, so this piece is somewhat inspired by his delicious descriptions.

When I complete the piece, I will post my initial sketches, photos, and studies as well, but here is the actual painting at each stage so far.

The Line drawing is by far the most important part. If you have a really good drawing, the rest will come so much more smoothly. Afterward, I did a brunaille “wipe out,” where I literally wiped out paint from the board after I painted it on.

Today I began the darker brunaille, working monochromatically with the colors iron oxide red and ultra marine blue. The entire piece is 18×27 inches and I have been working for about a week (although I’ve had the sketch for a good 3 months now.)

IMG_3394 IMG_3397 IMG_3402 IMG_3406 IMG_3407 IMG_3408 IMG_3410 IMG_3417 IMG_3420

Hope you enjoy seeing my process- can’t wait to update with the final! If you have any questions, or you found this post helpful, please leave me a comment- I’d love to take a look at your work!